Sprinklers the Bay Area, CA

Installing a sprinkler system may look like a simple task, but with different water delivery systems depending on your demands and water consumption it can become somewhat complicated.

Thankfully, Vigorous Landscaping has years of experience managing the setup, reparation, and maintenance of commercial and residential sprinkler systems. If you are in the market for a sprinkler, we've got what you want!

Which Sprinkler System is Best For You?

Setting up a good sprinkler system is more than figuring out where to put each individual unit. Overwatering or under watering will make you grass that's either rough and brown, or soggy and waterlogged, neither of which you desire! There are a few essential things to consider when you're trying to settle on which type of system is most appropriate for you.

First, you should decide on what it is you are trying to send water to. Is it your lawn? Person plants in your garden? Shrubs and trees? Each of the above? Whatever it is, Vigorous Landscaping's experienced sprinkler technicians have the platform for you.

By way of example, if you're in the market for a sprinkler system targeted at shrubs or groundcover, we recommend going with a trickle system. These systems are famous for their low water usage thanks to the way in which the water is delivered, and are best for reducing the quantity of water that is lost to evaporation, which makes them perfect for hot, dry summers.

Perhaps you're a traditionalist, in which case an automatic spray system may be the one for you. These systems are generally low-maintenance, and can be set according to a watering program that's suited to your needs and the climate. When properly set up, an automatic spray method delivers uniform watering patterns, eliminating those pesky brown spots which often plague lawns. We recommend automatic spray methods for our busier clients, who really do enough running around without having to be worried about whether or not their yard is going to be watered.

Contact us for an estimate today and see how luxury is in the details.

    “Joel and the Vigorous team are awesome. We were really impressed by their professionalism, speed of execution, quality, cleanliness, and flexibility throughout our zen garden backyard remodel project. They were super respectful and cleaned up the site after each day’s work. We found Joel very flexible and easy to work with. The Vigorous team completed the job in 5 days where the other landscaper we were considering quoted ~30 days (about the same price). Overall, very happy with the way our backyard turned out and would 10/10 recommend and work with the Vigorous team again.”

    Brian B.

Environmentally-Conscious Sprinkler Systems

Water-efficient sprinkler systems are becoming increasingly more important in today's climate. Vigorous Landscaping is keenly aware of the fact, and has been working hard over the years to provide homeowners with sprinkler systems that provide excellent results with minimal water usage. Vigorous Landscaping is pleased to offer a variety of sprinkler systems that don't waste water, and are more environmentally-conscious. Ask us about these systems now!

We would also be pleased to supply you with some water saving hints and tricks we have picked up through the years. For instance, because of the climate, it makes sense to schedule your sprinkler system to release water in the morning or night, when temperatures are cooler. In this manner, less water is lost to evaporation, meaning you save money and Earth!

The Grass is Greener, Thanks to Vigorous Landscaping

We know how hard people work to accomplish a beautiful green lawn, and at Vigorous Landscaping our goal is to make that lawn somewhat easier to get! With our state of the art sprinkler systems, the grass really is greener. 

Give us a call today, and we’ll have get your lawn in shape in no time flat!

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